An Adventure of a lifetime


Corvo will be the most remote island that you will be visiting on the Azores, as it is the smallest island of the archipelago and where only live around 400 inhabitants. If spending a day or going for one night in Corvo, the visitor should know that it will be a life experience all by itself. Being one of the most isolated places of in Europe, Corvo Island is seen and explained differently depending on ones experience. Despite the island being extremely calm compared to other places, locals will tell you all about how amazing their life is and that they wouldnt trade for no place else.

The beauty of Corvo, aside from the outstanding crater of Caldeirão where its possible to go on a trail, its really beyond that, people make the island special and worth visiting. If looking forward to mix with the locals and really get the idea of their lifestyle, this island will be a great demonstration of how rural life is adjusted to nowadays. This atlantic island is the ideal spot for birdwatching during its´ migration.