(Free independent traveller)

Individual Travelers FITs Department:

This department focuses on FIT (Free Individual Travelers) requests ranging from one person to small groups or families. The FIT department has expert travel consultants fully dedicated to handle all your or your clients´ needs in a timely fashion.

We will ensure to:

  • Carefully listen to you and your clients´ needs
  • Create and prepare an innovative proposal to match you and your clients requirements
  • Have a dedicated, experienced and dynamic team member to be your point of contact
  • Always keep you updated on the progress and work to your deadlines
  • Work closely with you and your team always with a positive attitude
  • Always strive for excellence as we have proven over the years
  • Push the boundaries and dare to be different, providing new and innovative experiences
  • Deliver an impeccable service and unique experiences
  • Have an emergency contact number always at your and your clients´ disposal

Normally our FIT product is segmented in Packages or Tailor Made:


These itineraries are designed to allow you to have a prearranged itinerary so that you have everything reserved in advance and ensure your client to experience the highlights of the destination. If the packages do not match the interests or requirements, all itineraries can be modified. Please decide which Island or Islands to visit, the amount of time available and check out our suggestions. If the itineraries we propose don´t meet the wishes, just let us know and we will customize an Itinerary for you.


A tailor-made holiday is exactly what it sounds like, a custom trip built according to the travelers needs. They decide what´s on the itinerary, choosing exactly where they want to go, how long they want to spend in each place, and what they want to do in the Azores Islands. This way a totally unique trip is created. We can deliver all the services needed for a travel experience, such as:

  • Your Travel Plan
  • Reservations of Flights and Boat Trips
  • Booking Hotels and other type of Accommodations
  • Rental Car (with and without driver) / Motorcycle / Bicycle
  • Meet and Greet, Airport Assistance and Transfers
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Land Activities
    • 4x4 Tours, Walks, Hiking, Bike Rides, Golf
  • Sea Activities
    • Whale Watching, Swimming with Dolphins, Scuba Diving, Boat Trips