1950 – 1960

Melo Travel obtained the business license number 60, which means it was the sixtieth travel agency to be licensed until 1960, despite already being active during the 1950’s, dedicated almost exclusively to the preparation of documentation for Azorean emigration, mainly to the U.S., Canada and Bermuda.


1970 – 1980

In 1971 the current owners purchased the business to Mr. Manuel Ignacio de Melo continuing mainly engaged in the preparation of documentation for emigrants, in which the gain was the airfare sale.

But with the new management there was a willingness to explore new activities in the travel branch. Programs were published for the so-called IT’s (Inclusive Tours) in the language of today, the FITs, whose destinations were the major capitals of Europe.

The first group trips abroad were also organized, being the visit to the Agricultural Fair in Paris one of the most successful.


1980 – 1990

With the Portuguese Revolution of April 1974 and the consequent difficulties for payments in foreign currencies, in 1979 Melo began working abroad in order to bring tourists to the Azores. The 1980’s completely changed the aspect of Melo Travel’s business. The Incoming department was created and consequently increased and specialized throughout the decade.

During the 1990’s this department was consolidated with new program offers and the Groups department was created. Currently both departments represent the biggest share of Melo’s Business although the Outgoing department has been kept active.